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ACME HOTEL COMPANY                                       

Do Your Thing

ACME Hotel Company, opened in May of 2012, is a value driven focused-service boutique that resonates with the millenial traveler who has a definitive sense of self and a desire to stay in a hotel that embraces such expression. ACME uses the tagline “Do Your Thing”, and the hotel lives by this. Upon entry guests are greeted with a neon blinking hotel sign and a street art mural. Innovative ideas include dorm room-like chalkboard Do-Not-Disturb signs on doors and complimentary “Morning Joe” coffee delivered in a thermos. ACME combines modern comfort with a wink to retro-style, featuring glow-in-the-dark lips on the bathroom mirrors, and zipper graphics on the walls. Another design innovation addresed the gritty light wells by adorning them with an art installation of painted mannequins that juxtaposes the artfulness and urban grit, and is a dramatic surprise for ACME guests.

ACME is also home to The Berkshire Room, a local social hub, named to several “best of” lists in Chicago, The Berkshire unites the old world cocktail lounge with contemporary touches. West Town Bakery is also a popular ACME spot, featuring local, sustainable organic offerings for all- day dining and ACME’s signature ‘knock and drop’ room service.


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